In this project is offered idea of the device of an hybride aircraft ship of following construct (published not full scheme for retain know-how):


1. Framework.
2. Sheathing.
3. Solar concentrators.
4. Volume for hot air.
5. Heat-insulating bulkhead.
6. Wind turbine.
7. Useful volume.

The goal of the "Skywalker" project is to create an aircraft that is much safer, more economical and more efficient than modern aircraft, helicopters and quadcopters in many applications. The new generation aircraft "Skywalker" will be also is reliable and versatile aircraft ship, independent of roads, stations and airports. His construction has a number of advantages over all common aircraftt, helicopters and quadcopters available today. As a hybride aircraft and at the same time energy complex, is an innovative aircraft uses alternative energy sources for propulsion. It is a combination of an aircraft, a wind turbine and a heat engine with solar concentrators in one design.

In order to ensure flight safety, three emergency protection systems are incorporated into the design, which do not have in modern aircraft. Economical and environmentally friendly is achieved by using a propulsion system that is fueled by thermal energy from the sun as well as stored electricity from a wind turbine generator. Due to its unique control system, this aircraft will have excellent manoeuvrability, with vertical take-off eliminating the need for airfields.

"Skywalker" can be used as a transport, for entertainment, tourism, advertising, transportation of bulky cargo, installation works, it can be used for long-term unmanned monitoring of territoryes, as well as in many other fields. Separately, there are two new projects based on this aircraft, such as the 12 Angels (an artificial climate and security system for large areas) and Sky Launch (a project to launch space satellites). It is possible that aircraft of this design will become a new generation of ubiquitous aircraft and new aircraft class will be called "Skywalker".