Describe the problem that the project is intended to solve:

Low economic efficiency of alternative energy sources. Technical and ecological unsafe, low universality and economic efficiency of air transport. Forest fires, and also some other problems of a national economy.

     Please provide links to research and materials that support the importance and currency of the indicated problem:

Alternative energy, Aviation accidents and incidents, Wildfire.

     How does the project solve the described problem and why could the approach be considered innovative:

The stationary energy system "Skywalker" is a new generation of structures in the construction of alternative energy sources. In this energy system, the combined solar concentrators and a wind turbine in one design. And these elements are in interaction, complement each other, using thermal solar energy and wind energy for electricity production. The concepts of calm for this energy system does not exist, because almost always, when overcast, there is wind. And in windless weather, there is sun and heat energy, which will be assigned to the work of the same generator. According to preliminary calculations, "Skywalker" will be able to work normally in the range of wind speeds, which is much wider than at common today of types of wind turbines. Particularly important for the payback and economic efficiency of the installation is that this energy system can operate even at very low wind. The design has an aesthetic appearance, wind turbines do not harm the birds and do not produce low frequency sounds. The stationary energy system "Skywalker" can be used for additional energy supply and basic, as advertising-energy system construction in place of billboards, for irrigation in agriculture, as well for many other of applications.

Aerostat-energy system "Skywalker" is a more efficient construct than the stationary, because at a height of only a few hundred meters the wind speed higher and more stable than near the surface ground, better to insolation. In this design helio-wind power station there is no flaws inherent for terrestrial facility. The most important thing is that it is more mobile, here does not apply carrying the mast, which take a significant part of the cost of construct.

"Skywalker" how a hybrid airship and at the same time energy system - the aircraft a new generation which does not require of fuel, has several advantages compared with all common  today aircraft. For the safety of flight, in the construct stipulate three systems of protection against accident situations. The universality is that, for the such an aircraft is not required the construction of runways or other auxiliary means for takeoff and landing. Due to the unique control system, this aircraft will have excellent maneuverability. Cost-effectiveness and environmental safety is achieved when using the motor system, for which fuel is be the thermal energy of the sun, and the accumulated electricity from the wind turbine. The aircraft "Skywalker" can be used as a passenger and freight transport, it can be used to carry out prolonged unmanned forest monitoring and prevention of forest fires, as well in many other industries.

Innovative approach in the originality of the design in general and in particular the use of unique elements, the solar concentrator and wind turbines, in one design. This a excellent alternative to the traditional on today wind turbines, solar batteries and aircrafts.

     Please describe the basic technologies and market trends in the considered market segment:

Fossil energy resources are being depleted and becoming more expensive.

     Please provide references to relevant market researche and materials:

Fossil fuel.

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Not known.

     Please provide the basic motivation for the project:

The introduction of the production and distribution more efficient alternative energy sources will reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.