Project history:

The idea of a construct which is offered in the project, in an original form appeared in the spring of 2010. At appearance idea has the own prehistory, if to anyone is interested, more details can be given later. By August of 2010, the idea of construct has already been well thought out and of with additions acquired more completed form. At the same time was made the decision not to wait the best times, when it would be possible to take the credit for implementation of the project, and start a search of investments. Thus has appeared a project "Skywalker". The name of the project occurs by analogy to russian names of machines, which are actuated by means of steam and heat - "parohod", "teplohod". So the construct which works by means of forces of the sky - the sun and winds, it was decided to call "Nebohod", that into english it is possible to translate as "Skywalker".

     Dynamics of the project development:

From the moment of emergence of idea of the project is conducted theoretical development and improvement of technology. In February 2011 was launched a website of the project for his of advancement in russian-language segment of network the Internet and of representation to investors. Information about the project is placed on the thematic resources. Soon planned to translate website materials into English and begin advancement of the project in an english-language segment of network the Internet.

     Have you and/or your team members ever received grants for this or a similar work area? (Please list dates, sums, project characteristics, achieved results):


     Laboratory (please describe the laboratory, its infrastructure on which the project realization is being or will be conducted):

A for development of project is required laboratory equipped with modern computers,  on which by means of the special software will be possible to do models of constructs of with imitation of real physical condition. Also required of a spacious premises fitted with necessary tools, the equipment and materials is for creation of prototypes of constructs.

     Have you attracted venture and/or other financing? (investors, amounts, results):