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The design of "Skywalker" is a sphere, the carcass which built in the form of geodesic sphere (the structure out of the triangular components, covering the surface of the sphere) on the principle which invented by the engineer Buckminster Fuller. Hard, strong and at the same time an easy carcass, keep own weight without any additional strengthening, and in addition may carry additional a significant load. The shape of the spherical design has such a durability, because the tension is evenly distributed to all points of construct. In conjunction with the use of materials such as carbon composites, it will allow the design to be very light in ratio a volume to the weight and strong, carry heavy loading at wind gust, and also have good endurance.

On the upside of the construct are located helio-concentrators are intended to heat the air using concentrated solar energy. Inside, the construct is horizontally divided into two parts by means of thermoinsulating septum. The part of a construct, which is above a thermoinsulating septum, is under gelio-concentrators, is intended for filling by hot air. In part of the construct, which is below the thermal insulating a septum, located wind turbine to generate electricity by means of a wind power. These elements of a construct supplement each other, are in interaction, by a principle which is used in the thermal Stirling engine, where the difference in temperature between the volumes is used to convert thermal energy into mechanical energy. Thanks to this, the energy system can effectively work even in regions where often happens windless sunny weather. Thus it is possible to build a stationary energy system which will be much more effective than present alternative power sources.

Sheeting the construct above the helio-concentrators will be transparent for access of sunlight inside the helio-concentrators. Sheating the carcass between the helio-concentrators and thermoinsulating septum will be also thermoinsulating, for better heat conservation inside volume for the hot air. Sheating the rest of part construct may complement duct system of wind turbine, but in principle may in general be absent.

Gelio-concentrators - movable, optimally oriented on sun the devices, intended for heating the air, in the volume for the hot air, by means of concentrated solar energy. They are fixed to the carcass not rigidly, and hung on system, which regulates slope a gelio-concentrator according with the position of the sun, for a best concentration of solar energy.

Wind turbines - the equipment for transformation of kinetic wind power into mechanical or electric energy, is located inside a construct under thermoinsulating septum. Wind turbines can be equipped with air ducts with confusers, for strengthening of pressure an air flow on the wind turbine vanes. Air ducts are set with the conclusions on the entire circumference a construct, this will allow to use air flow from any direction. They of directed a widest part in side an air flow, and by a narrow part on the wind turbine vanes. Air ducts also are equipped with the flap for termination incoming an of air flow on the wind turbine vanes, on case of squally increase of wind.

If to make this construct of the easy materials, such as carbon composites, it is will work as aerostat-energy system, which at the expense of bigger speed and stability of a wind at height, will allow to receive on an order of magnitude more electricity. Hot air from gelio-concentrators will provide the main of lifting force for aerostat during take-off, to come off the earth and to reach a certain height. Further there is only a maintaining of necessary temperature, and at the height basically works principle of the a kite or the Magnus effect. Thanks to such device of a construct as a whole and the location a wind turbines in particular, in that part of a construct where is located the wind turbine, there is Magnus's effect (occurrence of transverse force at a flow air of the rotating cylinder), a which has favorable impact on a wind turbine, additionally increasing the rate of rotation of a rotor, and also increases stability of the entire device, serves as an additional lifting force. So, at growth of speed of a wind, "Skywalker" will aspire to climb above, instead of cuddle up to the ground, thanks to this, aerostat does not require of any special controls.

On the basis of this construct is possible the build flying machines by type of hybrid airship. The technology of such aircraft, in principle, described above, will require to carry out only some updatings of a aerostat-energy system, add the engine and control system. But this option is at present less actual, for a start it would be desirable to develop and implement stationary and a aerostat-energy system of such project.

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Name of the publication: The new design a hybrid wind-solar energy system.

Authors: Sergey Harchenko

Year: 2011

Where published: Scientific Social Network «»

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