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Flying machine of a new class "Skywalker"

The Skywalker Avia project is a concept of flying machine of new class, which will use, for movement only alternative energy sources, that are on board such this flying machine. If you compare the Skywalker with analogues in existing aviation, then it is a hybrid of a helicopter (quadrocopter), airship and a glider. And if to explain everything is very simple, then the upper part of this flying machine is a airship that carries on his a solar concentrators, and the lower part is a glider, which at the same time is a wind turbine.

Aerostating electro-generating system Skywalker Aero

Aerostat Skywalker Aero is being built on the principle and design of the flying machine of the Skywalker, with only the difference that this construction lacks engines, as well as most of the air duct system and avionics, which are designed for horizontal flight and maneuvering. Therefore, this construction will be significantly lighter in ratio of volume to mass, and also will be more simple and inexpensive to manufacture.

Stationary electro-generating system Skywalker Statio

The Skywalker Statio power plant is being built on the same principle and design, that have a Skywalker flying machine and aerostat Skywalker Aero. But, in this construction is missing all the elements responsible for the flight and it can be built of simple, not aviation materials. This will allow her be even over simpler and inexpensive to manufacture. And this exactly a stationary hybrid electro-generating system, that combines in the same design solar concentrators, a heat engine and wind turbines, for the production of electricity and the obtaining of thermal energy.