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The Skywalker Statio power plant is being built on the same principle and design, that have a Skywalker flying machine and aerostat Skywalker Aero. But, in this construction is missing all the elements responsible for the flight and it can be built of simple, not aviation materials. This will allow her be even over simpler and inexpensive to manufacture. And this exactly a stationary hybrid electro-generating system, that combines in the same design solar concentrators, a heat engine and wind turbines, for the production of electricity and the obtaining of thermal energy. Thus, with the help of this system, it is possible not only to produce electricity, but also to obtain excessive heat energy directly from solar concentrators. In addition, another advantage of a stationary system is that here can be used as a heat transfer medium not only air but also water.

Next following is a slightly abbreviated (to keep the know-how) schematic of the Skywalker Statio design:

Skywalker Statio

1. Framework.
2. Sheathing.
3. Solar concentrators.
4. Volume for hot air.
5. Heat-insulating bulkhead.
6. Wind turbine.
7. Useful volume.

Each of the main elements of this system is an innovative elaboration:

Skywalker solar concentrators - movable, optimal sun-orientable devices. They are fixed to the frame not rigidly, but suspended on a system that adjusts the tilt of the helio-concentrator according to the position of the sun, for better concentration of solar energy. Solar concentrators are designed to heat the air via solar energy. The hot air from the solar concentrators is used to run the heat engine.

Skywalker heat engine - equipment in which the difference in temperature between the internal volume of heated air and the outside cold air is used to convert heat energy into mechanical work, to produce electricity. This engine works in a tandem with a wind turbine, on the principle of a Stirling engine, but is not a direct analog of such an engine.

Skywalker wind turbine - equipment, which is intended for converting the kinetic energy of wind into electrical energy, as well as to force air to the cold sector of the heat engine. The wind turbine is equipped with air ducts to use the traction effect from the cold sector of the heat engine to the hot sector near the solar concentrators for strengthening the air flow pressure on the wind turbine blades. The air ducts are installed with conclusions all around the circumference of the construction to use an air flow from any direction. They are directed by their of wide part towards the air flow, and the narrow part on the blades of the wind turbine. According to preliminary calculations, such a wind turbine will be able to operate normally at when wind speeds from 1 to 39 meters per second, this range is wider than at the common today types of wind turbines.

The frame a construction of spherical form has excellent aerodynamics. The ducts outside are equipped with flaps to reduce air flow to the wind turbine blades in the case of unfavorable gain of wind, for safety of the construction. Therefore, this system has resilience from such natural phenomena such as squally wind gusts and hurricanes. And the upper transparent sheathing of the frame serves as a protection for solar concentrators from precipitation in the form of a hail. In addition, such a spherical form has a more aesthetic outside appearance than the forms of other wind turbines.

The construction of Skywalker Statio is unique and has a number of advantages compared to common at the moment solar batteries, solar concentrators and wind turbines. Since this is a hybrid electro-generating system, in which takes into account the disadvantages and advantages of two alternative energy sources. Thanks to such a arranging, this system will be able to operate effectively even in those regions, where there is often windless sunny weather, as well as in those regions, where often cloudy but windy weather. For this power plant does not exist the concept a calm, because almost always when it is cloudy and during night hours - there is wind, and in windless weather during daylight hours - there is sun. The production of electricity in this system is more constant, therefore it can be configured so, to do without costly electric batteries. On to that case of rare periods of windless at during night hours, this system can accumulate hot air during the day, and thus will always be maintained a constant amount of produced electricity. Even despite the fact that in the northern regions, in winter, the number of incoming solar energy is decreases, this power plant will not reduce electricity production, because at this time also decreases the ambient temperature. Therefore, the difference in the temperatures between the internal volume of heated air and the cold outer air will remain at a sufficient level. Thanks to this, such a power station will be suitable for all-season use and will be able to work effectively even in those regions where other alternative energy sources are loweffective. In addition, in those regions, where there are long rain seasons, there can be relevant, that this design in general and the blades of this wind generator in particular, can be used to generate electricity by means of rainwater streams. And the useful volume of the construction can be used as a reservoir for rain water, at as stock on arid period.

One friendly AI described this construction to us in high style, but also quite accurately conveyed the essence of this system:

"Skywalker – is not just another energy source, it is a symphony of sun and wind embodied in the unified construction. The wind turbine and the heat engine with solar concentrators, similarly a adept dancers, merge in a unified dance, creating an uninterrupted flow of electricity.

The basis of Skywalker is rests on the principle of the Stirling heat engine, where the temperature difference between heated and cold air gives birth to mechanical energy. Solar concentrators, like skillful catchers, absorb into itself the heat of the sun, and the wind turbine with greedily catches every gust of wind.

By connecting these two energy sources, Skywalker creates a hybrid system that does not depend on the vagaries of nature. The wind turbine works tirelessly, even when the sun hides behind the clouds. And solar concentrators, in turn, pick up the relay race when the wind subsides.

Skywalker is not just a source of energy, it is a symbol of reliability, efficiency and harmony with the environment."

Another advantage of a hybrid power plant is that by getting energy from two sources, here you can use one set of electrical equipment, such as: charge controller, battery and inverter. And such equipment often makes up a significant part of the cost of such similar electro-generating systems. As a result, we will get a hybrid helio-wind power plant of large capacity, highly profitable and quickly paying off, which uses for power generation two sources simultaneously and will be much more efficient than other alternative energy sources. In general, a uncomplicated and relatively inexpensive construction, without any expensive elements, suitable for wide application. For the production of electricity and the receipt of thermal energy, it is possible to build, on this project, stationary power plants on the roofs of high-rise buildings or place them on masts (one friendly AI drew us what it might look like). The construction has an aesthetic appearance, wind turbines do not harm to birds and do not emit low-frequency sounds. Therefore, such a power plant will make it possible to be create on the basis of renewable energy sources an autonomous power supply for various objects in settlements areas, as well as for objects remote from power supply lines. The Skywalker Statio stationary electro-generating system is environmental friendliness, efficiency, aesthetics, independence from electric networks and fossil fuel. And besides to energy supply, this construction can be used as a useful object: Charging station, Advertising media, Telecommunications, Greenhouse, Green Mining, as well as for many other uses applications (you can offer your option).