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The Skywalker Avia project is a concept of flying machine of new class, which will use, for movement only alternative energy sources, that are on board such this flying machine. If you compare the Skywalker with analogues in existing aviation, then it is a hybrid of a helicopter (quadrocopter), airship and a glider. And if to explain everything is very simple, then the upper part of this flying machine is a airship that carries on his a solar concentrators, and the lower part is a glider, which at the same time is a wind turbine.

Next following is a very abbreviated (to keep the know-how) schematic of the Skywalker flying machine design:

Skywalker Avia

1. Framework.
2. Sheathing.
3. Solar concentrators.
4. Volume for hot air.
5. Heat-insulating bulkhead.
6. Wind turbine.
7. Useful volume.

The outer construction of the Skywalker is a sphere whose frame is being built using geodesic sphere technology (a structure from triangular elements covering the surface of the sphere). The spherical shape of the frame has such strength, because the load from its own weight is evenly distributed to all points of the construction. The rigid, strong and at the same time lightweight frame, able to withstand its own weight without any additional gain, at the same time to bear a significant load, and have good wear resistance.

In addition, Skywalker is a construction inside which are air cavities (cavity structure). Thus, in this construction (on the schematic) there is placed one large wing, hidden behind the frame, is that allows to reduce air resistance during horizontal movement. And in such a construction there can be not even one hidden wing, but several, it depends on the size of the construction. The air cavities inside are equipped with partitions in such a way that this wing has variable geometry. Therefore, the airflow impinging on this wing can be directed in any direction. And on the outside the ducts are equipped with dampers to regulate the force of air flow entering the ducts, as well as affecting the sailiness of the fuselage. Therefore, the construction has not only a hidden wing with variable geometry, but also has a variable sailiness of its fuselage. Thus, this duct system is a main part stabilization and flight control system of the flying machine. Due to all of this unique flight control system, the Skywalker will have vertical takeoff and superior maneuverability. But, despite the fact that all this is very difficult even in a short description, this will be very easy of pilotable the flying machine, this opens up new opportunities for unmanned flights.

For the power supply of Skywalker systems is responsible, also an innovative hybrid electro-generating system that combines in one design such alternative energy sources as solar concentrators and wind turbines. These elements of the system complement each other and are in interaction on the principle (this not a direct analogue) which used in the Stirling heat engine. In such a heat engine, the temperature difference between the internal volume of heated air and the outdoor cold air, used to convert heat energy into mechanical work. Accordingly, in the Skywalker electro-generating system, the thermal energy of the sun obtained by solar concentrators and the wind energy obtained by the wind turbine are used for produce electricity.

The upper part of the Skywalker, which is approximately two-thirds of the volume, is designed to fill with hot air, which will provide the main lifting force and vertical take-off. At the very top of the construction are solar concentrators designed to heat the air using concentrated solar energy and so the upper part is be filled with hot air. Inside, the construction is separated by a horizontally heat-insulating partition, on which is also placed a heat engine. And in the lower part of the construction, which is under the thermo-insulating partition, in the cold sector, are located a wind generator and ducts for blowing cold air on the heat engine, and for generating electricity. These air ducts are also equipped with dampers to limit the receipt of the air flow on the wind turbine blades in case of too much wind gain. Hot air is the primary lifting force for the flying machine only during take-off, when it is necessary, to break away from the ground and reach a certain altitude. Further, with the help of solar concentrators, only maintaining the necessary temperature occurs, and at the height works the principle of the glider. Therefore, at altitude, the bulk of the hot air is sent back to the heat engine for generating electricity. In the Skywalker construction will also have a system of electric motors, which is intended as an auxiliary lifting force and for performing a horizontal flight. And to ensure flight safety, the very essence of the Skywalker construction provides three emergency protection systems that modern flying machines do not have.

In general, it will be a very economical, reliable and versatile flying machine, requiring no fossil fuel and independent of airports. For such an flying machine does not require the construction of runways or other aids for take-off and landing. With it, you can carry out long-term unmanned monitoring of forest areas and other remote territories. It can be used as a vehicle, to perform installation work, tourism, entertainment, as well as in many other industries (you can offer your option).

After completion of the first phase of development, it is planned to build a prototype of the Skywalker flying machine, which in terms of flight speed will be able to compete with modern helicopters and quadrocopters. But, unlike them, this flying machine will be much more economical, safer and have better maneuverability. Thanks to these characteristics, first of all economical, it is possible to speak about such variants of uses for Skywalker, which are not available for helicopters and quadcopters, when longer flights are needed: Transport, Installation work, Flying House, Sky Start.

In addition to aviation, this project covers to aerostat and stationary systems, which based on the same principle and design as the aviation system, but have a simplified constructions. The stationary hybrid electro-generating system Skywalker Statio, which is being built from simple materials, also combines solar concentrators, heat engine and wind turbine, to obtain thermal energy and electricity production, while ensuring reliability and versatility in various applications. The aerostat, hybrid, electro-generating system Skywalker Aero, which is being built from aviation materials, generates even more electricity using solar and wind energy at altitudes of higher than those of stationary systems, can find application in some cases.

Overall, the Skywalker project represents a transformative approach to aviation and energy technologies, aiming to significantly improvement these technologies, while contributing to environmental sustainability and innovation. With its potential to transform air travel and contribute to a more sustainable future, the project represents significant progress in the aviation and energy industries. As the project moves, further events and improvements will continue to promote the boundaries of innovation in aviation and energy.