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Variants of uses for aerostats of Skywalker Aero project


The aerostat of the Skywalker Aero project can be deployed for long-term, high-altitude monitoring of large areas. This includes environmental surveillance, weather monitoring, wildlife tracking, wildfire and disaster probability assessment. Its ability to stay aloft for extended periods makes it ideal for continuous data collection and real-time monitoring.

All-Seeing Eye:


This aerostat can be equipped with advanced surveillance equipment for security applications. It can provide persistent aerial surveillance for border control, critical infrastructure protection, and large events. Its high vantage point and extended operational duration offer wide coverage and early threat detection capabilities.

All-Seeing Eye:

Air Conditioner

The aerostat can serve as a mobile air conditioning system, using its altitude to access cooler air and then channeling this air to ground-level facilities, as well as creating shade from the sun. Thus, is offered an innovative and energy-efficient cooling solution for large events, temporary campsites, or stationary settlements.

The Skywalker aerostat - coolness from the sky:

The Skywalker can be your heavenly air conditioner, using its altitude and advanced technology to bring coolness where you need it most.

The Secret to Coolness:

12 Angels

Artificial climate and safety system for large areas. This combines the variants Security and Air Conditioner, and here the 12 aerostats are in conjunction with each other.

12 Angels - a heavenly shield and oasis of coolness:

A system of aerostats designed to protect people and provide comfort over vast areas. Combining the advanced technology of the Safety and Air Conditioning systems, 12 Angels become an indispensable assistant in a wide variety of situations.

12 Heavenly Guardians: