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The aerostat of the Skywalker Aero project can be deployed for long-term, high-altitude monitoring of large areas. This includes environmental surveillance, weather monitoring, wildlife tracking, wildfire and disaster probability assessment. Its ability to stay aloft for extended periods makes it ideal for continuous data collection and real-time monitoring.

All-Seeing Eye:

  • Environmental Surveillance: Tracking climate change, air pollution and land degradation.
  • Weather monitoring: Forecasting weather events, warning of natural disasters.
  • Wildlife tracking: Study migrations, protect endangered species, combat poaching.
  • Risk assessment: Forecasting forest fires, landslides and other natural disasters.

Benefits of altitude:

  • Continuous monitoring: Aerostats can remain at altitude for long periods of time, providing uninterrupted data collection.
  • Wide coverage: A bird's-eye view covers a wide area inaccessible to ground-based observations.
  • Detailed information: State-of-the-art sensors and cameras provide high-quality images and data.

Skywalker is an investment in the future.

With its help we can:

  • Conserve our planet's natural resources.
  • Protect people from natural disasters.
  • Ensure security and sustainable development.

Skywalker is a view from the sky on earthly concerns, it is a watchful guardian, keeping an eye on the state of our planet.

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