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All variants of application for Skywalker project constructions


Skywalker flying machines can be used to transport passengers and cargo, offering efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives for flights of any duration.

The skies are calling for a new age of aviation:

Imagine a world where not only familiar airplanes, but also brand new flying machines are scouring the skies. A world where passenger and cargo transportation is not only faster, but also more environmentally friendly. A world where flights of any duration are not overshadowed by the shadow of a carbon footprint.

Installation Work

Equipped with specialized equipment, the Skywalker can perform installation work such as placing telecommunications infrastructure, installing solar panels or erecting structures in remote or inaccessible locations.

The sky assistant will be able to conquer new heights:

Imagine a flying vehicle that doesn't just traverse the skies, but also becomes a skillful construction assistant, erecting vital facilities in the most inaccessible corners of the planet.

Where no man has ever set foot, and where he already has:

Flying House

The spacious interior of this aircraft can be customized to serve as a luxurious flying house, offering comfortable living quarters with amenities, for long-distance travel or leisure trips.

Home in the sky - a new era of travel and vacation:

Dreaming of an extraordinary trip or vacation away from the hustle and bustle? Imagine a flying home where comfort and luxury are combined with the limitless possibilities of air travel.

Your home, wherever you are:

Sky Start

This flying machine can serve as a mobile platform for launching small satellites or conducting scientific experiments in microgravity conditions, providing cost-effective access to space for research institutions and commercial entities.

The Skywalker opens new doors to space:

The Skywalker is not just a flying vehicle, it is a new gateway to uncharted space distances. It is also designed to launch small satellites into space, opening up these opportunities for small companies and universities.

A cost-effective way to the stars:


The aerostat of the Skywalker Aero project can be deployed for long-term, high-altitude monitoring of large areas. This includes environmental surveillance, weather monitoring, wildlife tracking, wildfire and disaster probability assessment. Its ability to stay aloft for extended periods makes it ideal for continuous data collection and real-time monitoring.

All-Seeing Eye:


This aerostat can be equipped with advanced surveillance equipment for security applications. It can provide persistent aerial surveillance for border control, critical infrastructure protection, and large events. Its high vantage point and extended operational duration offer wide coverage and early threat detection capabilities.

All-Seeing Eye:

Air Conditioner

The aerostat can serve as a mobile air conditioning system, using its altitude to access cooler air and then channeling this air to ground-level facilities, as well as creating shade from the sun. Thus, is offered an innovative and energy-efficient cooling solution for large events, temporary campsites, or stationary settlements.

The Skywalker aerostat - coolness from the sky:

The Skywalker can be your heavenly air conditioner, using its altitude and advanced technology to bring coolness where you need it most.

The Secret to Coolness:

12 Angels

Artificial climate and safety system for large areas. This combines the variants Security and Air Conditioner, and here the 12 aerostats are in conjunction with each other.

12 Angels - a heavenly shield and oasis of coolness:

A system of aerostats designed to protect people and provide comfort over vast areas. Combining the advanced technology of the Safety and Air Conditioning systems, 12 Angels become an indispensable assistant in a wide variety of situations.

12 Heavenly Guardians:

Charging Station

The Skywalker Statio power plant can serve as a sustainable charging station for electric vehicles and devices, harnessing solar and wind energy to provide eco-friendly power in remote or urban areas.

Skywalker Statio is a charging station powered by energy from the sky:

  • Solar panels: A huge area of the Skywalker dome is covered with solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity.
  • Wind Turbines: Wind turbines installed on the Skywalker utilize wind energy to generate additional electricity.

Environmentally friendly solution:

Advertising medium

The structure of this power plant can be utilized as an innovative advertising medium, with its visible and prominent position making it an ideal platform for digital billboards and promotional displays.

Skywalker Statio is an innovative platform that opens up new advertising opportunities.

Advertising at Altitude:


This power plant can support telecommunications infrastructure by hosting antennas and relay stations, enhancing connectivity in underserved areas and providing a stable power source for communication networks.

Skywalker Statio is an innovative telecommunications platform.

Connectivity at altitude:


By integrating greenhouse facilities with this power plant, it can provide a controlled environment for agriculture, using the generated energy to maintain optimal growing conditions and extend the growing season of plants, promoting sustainable food production. It can be a ready-made, self-contained full-cycle greenhouse, with the ability to be installed on the roofs of buildings. And in addition, they can be multi-level greenhouses, which are composed of several spheres in the form of a pyramid.

Skywalker Statio is an innovative platform that opens up new possibilities for growing fresh and sustainable food any time of year, anywhere.

Green Mining

This power plant can be used in a system to generate a new kind of cryptocurrency based on such useful enterprises:

1. Purification of atmospheric air from methane and carbon dioxide.
2. Extraction of fresh water by desalination of seawater.
3. Extraction of hydrogen from water.

Skywalker Statio is an innovative platform that opens up new opportunities for green cryptocurrency mining using eco-friendly technologies.

Next Generation Mining: