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This aerostat can be equipped with advanced surveillance equipment for security applications. It can provide persistent aerial surveillance for border control, critical infrastructure protection, and large events. Its high vantage point and extended operational duration offer wide coverage and early threat detection capabilities.

All-Seeing Eye:

  • Border Control: Continuous air patrol of borders, detection and suppression of unauthorized border crossings.
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: Monitoring of strategically important facilities, prevention of sabotage and terrorist acts.
  • Securing mass events: Crowd control, identifying potential threats, keeping people safe.

Altitude advantages:

  • Wide coverage: A bird's-eye view of a vast area inaccessible to ground-based surveillance.
  • Long-term surveillance: Aerostats can remain in the air for long periods of time, providing uninterrupted monitoring.
  • Early threat detection: High vantage point allows for early detection of potential hazards.

Skywalker is vigilance multiplied many times over.

With its help we can:

  • Protect people from criminal attacks.
  • Ensure the security of important facilities.
  • Create an atmosphere of calm at public events.

The Skywalker aerostat is a tireless defender, keeping a watchful eye on the safety of people and objects.

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