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Aerostat Skywalker Aero is being built on the principle and design of the flying machine of the Skywalker, with only the difference that this construction lacks engines, as well as most of the air duct system and avionics, which are designed for horizontal flight and maneuvering. Therefore, this construction will be significantly lighter in ratio of volume to mass, and also will be more simple and inexpensive to manufacture. But, this aerostat also equipped with hybrid electro-generating system which combines alternative energy sources such as solar concentrators, a heat engine and a wind turbine in a single construction, for produce electricity. Actually, this electro-generating system is the main object on such a aerostat, since the main purpose of this option is to produce electricity at such a height that is not available to stationary wind turbines.

Next following is a somewhat abbreviated (to keep the know-how) schematic of the Skywalker Aero design:

Skywalker Aero

1. Framework.
2. Sheathing.
3. Solar concentrators.
4. Volume for hot air.
5. Heat-insulating bulkhead.
6. Wind turbine.
7. Useful volume.

According to preliminary calculations, the aerostat electro-generating system Skywalker Aero is more efficient construction than the stationary. Since, when lifting to a height of only a few hundred meters, the wind velocity is bigger and more stable than at the ground surface, is better insolation. Due to the greater speed and stability of the wind at altitude, can be obtained an order of magnitude more electricity. The electricity transfer from the aerostat to the ground is provided by using a cable-tether that will also be hold this construction at a certain height in the air. And thanks to its unique construction, Skywalker Aero, with an increase in the wind speed, will strive to rise higher, instead of snuggle to the ground. Thus, this aerostat will not require any kind special management.

Such a design of a helio-wind power plant does not have disadvantages inherent in ground-based plants. For example, here are not used the supporting masts that make up a significant part of the cost of ground-based wind turbines. The Skywalker Aero will be able to operate normally in a range of speeds wind that is much broader than at common today types of wind turbines. And the most important advantage of the aerostat system is that it is more mobile. But, for widespread use, there is a drawback, which consists is that both the aerostat itself and its cable-tether can interfere with the flights of other aircraft in regions with intensive aviation traffic. Thus, this electro-generating system can be used in those options when electricity production is required for objects remote of power supply lines in hard-to-reach regions or is seasonal with a change in locations. These could be regions such as hard-to-reach forest terrain, mountains terrain, deserts, and icy expanses (one friendly AI drew us what it might look like).

In addition, that it will be an superb electro-generating system, but it is the aerostat, due to its characteristics, sometimes can be more advisable to use in such options applications (you can offer your option): Monitoring, Security, Air Conditioner, 12 Angels.