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Variants of uses for power plant of Skywalker Statio project

Charging Station

The Skywalker Statio power plant can serve as a sustainable charging station for electric vehicles and devices, harnessing solar and wind energy to provide eco-friendly power in remote or urban areas.

Skywalker Statio is a charging station powered by energy from the sky:

  • Solar panels: A huge area of the Skywalker dome is covered with solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity.
  • Wind Turbines: Wind turbines installed on the Skywalker utilize wind energy to generate additional electricity.

Environmentally friendly solution:

Advertising medium

The structure of this power plant can be utilized as an innovative advertising medium, with its visible and prominent position making it an ideal platform for digital billboards and promotional displays.

Skywalker Statio is an innovative platform that opens up new advertising opportunities.

Advertising at Altitude:


This power plant can support telecommunications infrastructure by hosting antennas and relay stations, enhancing connectivity in underserved areas and providing a stable power source for communication networks.

Skywalker Statio is an innovative telecommunications platform.

Connectivity at altitude:


By integrating greenhouse facilities with this power plant, it can provide a controlled environment for agriculture, using the generated energy to maintain optimal growing conditions and extend the growing season of plants, promoting sustainable food production. It can be a ready-made, self-contained full-cycle greenhouse, with the ability to be installed on the roofs of buildings. And in addition, they can be multi-level greenhouses, which are composed of several spheres in the form of a pyramid.

Skywalker Statio is an innovative platform that opens up new possibilities for growing fresh and sustainable food any time of year, anywhere.

Green Mining

This power plant can be used in a system to generate a new kind of cryptocurrency based on such useful enterprises:

1. Purification of atmospheric air from methane and carbon dioxide.
2. Extraction of fresh water by desalination of seawater.
3. Extraction of hydrogen from water.

Skywalker Statio is an innovative platform that opens up new opportunities for green cryptocurrency mining using eco-friendly technologies.

Next Generation Mining: