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The spacious interior of this aircraft can be customized to serve as a luxurious flying house, offering comfortable living quarters with amenities, for long-distance travel or leisure trips.

Home in the sky - a new era of travel and vacation:

Dreaming of an extraordinary trip or vacation away from the hustle and bustle? Imagine a flying home where comfort and luxury are combined with the limitless possibilities of air travel.

Your home, wherever you are:

  • Spacious suites: Living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms - everything you need for a comfortable stay.
  • Transformation of space: With a slight movement of the hand, the salon turns into a cozy bedroom, play area or office.
  • Panoramic windows: Incredible views from the window become an integral part of your journey or vacation.

The sky is your limit:

  • Travel the world: Choose any itinerary, not limited by flight schedules.
  • Stay anywhere: Land in scenic locations and enjoy the solitude and beauty of nature.
  • Borderless vacations: Travel to the most remote corners of the world, beyond the reach of conventional tourism.

Innovative technology in the service of comfort:

  • Climate control system: Maintaining the perfect temperature and fresh air at all times of the year.
  • Modern appliances: Everything you need for cooking, laundry, cleaning and entertainment.
  • Safety System: High-tech systems ensure your safety during the flight and on the ground.

Freedom, comfort, unlimited possibilities - all this awaits you in a flying home!
A flying home is not just transportation, it's a lifestyle.

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