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In 2010 the idea of the project of a new flying machine with the name "Skywalker" appeared. In the course of the development of this idea and to promote the project, the creation of a website was started. At the beginning of 2011 the site was opened for public access and its promotion in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet was started. Information about the project was posted on thematic resources, the project was discussed on forums, in social networks and in Comments . The archive with messages that were published during these activities on external resources can be found on the Forum page (Russian language only). Although there was no negativity about the project during these discussions, there was no expected support either. That's why it was concluded that the time for this project has not come yet and therefore the project was postponed. But the project website was constantly maintained by the author and did not stop its work.

Step 1.2 - New Website Version

In 2023, it was decided to resume active work to promote the Skywalker project. It is now the right time for this project because 13 years ago, for example, were not so widespread a quadrocopters, LED lighting, cryptocurrencies, AI development, acceleration centers for startups and many other opportunities.

As a result of the revision of the website, the creation of a new version was initiated to meet modern requirements. In 2024, the project website was significantly updated, and the old site was moved to the subdomain . In addition to the adaptation of the site for mobile devices, the innovations in the new version are the "Onboard Journal" section, as well as some gamification in the design and in the names of the main pages. But this does not cancel the seriousness of the project, but is intended to attract users. There is also a lot of new information on the updated site, which was not available in the previous version.

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