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In 2013, the creation of a small prototype on the Skywalker project was beginning. The first step in this effort was the manufacture of one of the nodes of the structure in the metal - a small heat engine. This node is an important element of the energy system of this design. And this node was first made as a workpiece completed by 90%, which required further refinement. But, in view of the fact that then the Skywalker project did not receive the necessary funding and was postponed, so this node was not completed either. After refinement of this unit, until fully readiness, tests should still be carried out to verify its work characteristics.

Next are the drawings of this node (but this is only an intermediate and incomplete version, to preserve know-how):

Part 1:

Detail 10-1 Detail 10-1

Part 2:

Detail 10-2 Detail 10-2

Part 3:

Detail 10-3Detail 10-3

Part 4, 5 (2 pcs. identical):

Detail 10-4Detail 10-4

In general, this assembly consists of three aluminum cylinders that are inserted one into the other. These cylinders are closed at their ends by two covers. There are 2 bearings between the second and third cylinders. The third cylinder rotates

Photo and video of this unit made in metal can be posted here upon your request.

You also can motivate the author to continue the work and complete the fabrication of this unit.

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